Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What’s in the burrito?

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So I go down stairs cause I want a some food. But I haven’t gone groceryshopping in a week. However I remember, after considering that box of meijer macaroni I’ve been putting off, that I have the makings for a burrito. (Meijer macaroni and cheese is not nearly as good as Kroger macaroni and cheese. Fear not this WILL be discussed at length in the future.)

So I head to the fridge, and bust out some tortillas, sour cream (that looking down I just realized I never used, so it will be ignored from here on out.) Shredded mild chedder cheese, Some beans and rice, ranch dressing and hot sauce. Also I remembered that I there was some turkey that was on my roommates shelf, but my other roommate said I could eat it. It was leftover from boston market.

I would like to clarify, that I am not endorsing or reviewing boston market. Therefore the turkey gets no adjectives at all. It was exactly as good or as bad as you would expect it to be.

Anyways so these are shitty tortillas, they’re old and they always rip. So I grab 2, throw some cheese in between them. Spread evenly, emphasizing the edge. Then I toss some rice and beans. Not trying for shape at this point, just one big pile. I tear up some turkey toss it on top. (in retrospect I should’ve put the beans on top of the turkey. Beans have a higher moisture factor than turkey, and when going into the microwave you gotta let that moisture go to the turkey to keep it from drying the rest of the way out.

(side note. I just took another bite. I really should’ve remembered the sour cream. I think I’m going to go get some.)

So then I threw it in the microwave for 2:00. With one break to throw some more cheese on about 40 some seconds in.

Now a sidenote here. These are canned off brand black beans and white off brand boil in bag rice. So while they ended up being delicious, there might be room for experimentation. If you like spicy rice, feel free to try it out. Or if you’re a refried person maybe get some of those. Although with the turkey, the blackbean moisture is good to have around.

Also note, that both have kept very well for several days, in tupper-ware.

So anyways, the quesadilla burrito wrap really helped out. Though my fingers are slightly greasier than normal (bring a paper towel) the burrito held together well. I was able to pull it tight, not afraid of it tearing and using a fork the whole time. Also the cheese really stopped the ends from drying out in the microwave.

Anyway, the chicken is good. It mixes surprisingly well with the hotsauce. But your own judge on the hotsauce, but if you drop it then you have to drop either the ranch or the sourcream or you won’t get any flavor at all. In retrospect, I ended up not getting any sour cream, but I wish I had just thrown one small spoonful on top just for a bit of that flavor.

So not to toot my own horn. The burrito was fantastic. I’ve never really heard of a turkey burrito, but this one was pretty good.

So I think I’m going to consider this a recipie worth making again. I’m going to name it the Starcraft Burrito. BOTH because I was watching pro starcraft league at gomtv.net right before I made it. AND because when I put the white turkey on the blackbeans, it kinda looked like spaceships in space.

Though, I still think when you make it you should put the blackbeans ontop of the turkey. But maybe that’ll look like the zerglings overwhelming some zealots…

Wait no . P-TOSS 4 EVAR!!!! WTF ZERGLOTS WTF!?!?

OH and PLEASE no lunchmeat turkey. So far all experiments into the mixing of lunchmeat and burritos has concluded the combination dangerous and not for the unprepared.

Crunch signing out.

p.s. don’t forget to join the revolution.

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